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Blain Ingram BIM Best Innovative Marketing El Paso Texas Tulsa Oklahoma Roswell New MexicoFree initial phone consultation 915-808-6614. More now than ever people are turning to online solutions!  Help your clients do business with you online as opposed to in person when possible!

Locations Include Tulsa, Oklahoma, Roswell, New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, Juarez, Mexico, Jimenez, Mexico

Formerly known as B.I.M. Web Consultants. We are much more than just web designers! Our focus Innovative Internet Marketing solutions for today's ever changing online needs. Website development,  Social media,  SEO, Branding, New and creative marketing solutions. Our passion and desire is to help businesses and organization find new ways to reach out to new and current customers. Bottom line for us is:  Take what you have, realized or unrealized, negative or positive and turn that into increased productivity and revenue!!! Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to come in, evaluate your situation, then look for solutions you may have missed. Simply put.....many times the forest is missed because of the trees.

*Increase market share *Expand market regions *Increase productivity

A few of our customers from over the past 10 years.!